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8th General Assembly of the ETGE in Washington, DC – November 10 – November 12, 2019

The East Turkistan Government-in-Exile (ETGE) is the democratically elected body representing the interests of East Turkistan and its people.

The ETGE was established on 14 September 2004 in Washington, DC by prominent Uyghur and other East Turkistani independence leaders from across the East Turkistani / Uyghur diaspora. 

The ETGE is a democratic body with a representative Parliament. The main leaders of the ETGE: the Prime Minister, President, Vice President, Speaker (Chair) of Parliament and Deputy Speaker (Chair) of Parliament are democratically elected by the members of the Parliament from all over the East Turkistani diaspora in the General Assembly. The Prime Minister forms the Government’s Cabinet with the approval of the President, the Speaker (Chair) and Deputy Speaker (Chair) of the Parliament. The Members of Parliament are elected by the diaspora community in their respective host nations. Elections occur every four years and all members of the Parliament serve a four-year term and can be re-elected.

The ETGE has close contacts and working relations with most East Turkistan and Uyghur organizations across the world that peacefully promote restoring independence, human rights, religious freedom, and democracy for East Turkistan and all of its people.


The overall mission of the ETGE is to end China’s occupation and colonization of our Homeland and restore the independence of East Turkistan as a secular, pluralistic, and democratic Republic that guarantees Human Rights and Freedom for all. 

The ETGE intends to use all available resources to engage in diplomacy, as allowed under international law, to advance the interests of East Turkistan and its people. The ETGE clearly opposes terrorism in all forms, including state terrorism that is being perpetrated by China and its forces against East Turkistan and its people.

The ETGE seeks to develop friendly relations with all governments, organizations, and individuals who are sympathetic to the plight of East Turkistan and its people. The ETGE especially seeks to develop friendly relations with those governments, organizations, and individuals who actively support East Turkistan and its people. The ETGE calls on ALL governments, organizations, and leaders to recognize China’s atrocities as a genocide, along with recognizing East Turkistan as an Occupied Country. 

The ETGE is NOT affiliated with, NOR is it in contact with any militant, jihadist, or any other groups and organizations that are involved in violent conflict in any part of the world. The ETGE does NOT view any country, government, or people, other than the government of China and its forces, as hostile to and (or) enemies of East Turkistan and its people. 


The current leadership of the East Turkistan Government in Exile (ETGE) was elected on November 11, 2019 at the ETGE’s 8th General Assembly in Washington, DC

PresidentGhulam Osman YaghmaCanada
Vice PresidentAbdulehed NurCanada
Chairman of ParliamentOsmanjan TursunGermany
Deputy Chairman of ParliamentYarmemet BaratjanUnited States
Prime MinisterSalih HudayarUnited States
Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign MinisterAdil AbbasCanada
Deputy Prime Minister & Cabinet SecretaryMirqedir MirzatFrance
SpokespersonAlimjan MemetGermany
Interior MinisterNurehmet KurbanSwitzerland
Finance MinisterDr. Anwar YasinJapan
Minister of Religion & Interfaith HarmonyAbdullah KhodjaFrance
Minister of Education & CultureProfessor Memet LitipJapan
Minister of Communications & MediaHashimjan TurakFrance