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AHVAL NEWS: Turkey no longer safe haven for Uyghur refugees – report

The below article was published by Ahval News, photo credit: commons

Turkey   is   no   longer   the   safe   haven   it   once   was   for   Uyghur refugees, the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs  said  in its   new   report   over   China’s   transnational   repression   of Uyghurs.

China has come under growing international pressure over its treatment of Uyghurs, a Turkic Muslim people living in the Xinjiangregion, formerly known as East Turkistan.

China’s government has dramatically increased its repressionof their cultural rights. Today, over one million Uyghurs are believed   to   be   interned   at   government   concentration   camps where   they   are   subjected   to   various   forms   of   physical   and mental abuse.

Moreover, China has recently extended its crackdown on the Uyghurs to the Middle East countries, including Turkey.

“A   likely   explanation   for   China’s   growing   fixation   on   the Middle East lies with political developments in Turkey overthe past decade,” the report said.

Since the 1950s, thousands of Uyghurs fleeing persecution in China   have   found   sanctuary   in   Turkey,   where   they   share common cultural heritage.

There are an estimated 50,000 Uyghurs currently living there-the largest Uyghur diaspora community in the world outside Central Asia.

Turkey   has   historically   endorsed   the   Uyghurs,   escalating   itsrelations with China.

“In   recent   years,   Turkey   has   significantly   softened   its rhetorical  support  for  the  Uyghurs,  in  addition  to  increasing renditions,   detentions,   and   surveillance   of   its   Uyghur population,” the report said.

Turkey’s relationship with China has been controversial over concerns   that   Beijing   was   seeking   to   exact   concessions   in exchange for COVID-19 vaccine deliveries.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Turkey is no longer the safe haven it once was for refugees from the Uyghur region,” the report maintained.

In 2021, 57 Uyghurs have been detained in Turkey, according to the report.

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