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East Turkistan govt-in-exile urges Muslim world to break silence on Chinese oppression in East Turkistan

Below is an article published by ANI, Photo credit East Turkistan Government in Exile

Washington [US], July 31 (ANI): East Turkistan Government-in-exile has called on Muslims countries to break their silence on Chinese oppression and support people of Xinjiang in their fight against decades of occupation and genocide by Chinese Communist Party.

East Turkistan, also known as Xinjiang, Prime Minister Salih Hudayar made these remarks while extending greetings on an Eid-al-Adha. He urged Muslims across the world to oppose China’s Genocide and Occupation in East Turkistan.

“On behalf of the people of East Turkistan, we wish all the Muslims across the world a blessed Eid Al Adha. What we expect from the Muslim world is solidarity and support be it politically, financially, diplomatically or any other means to help us seek justice and an end to China’s decades of occupation and genocide in East Turkistan,” Hudayar said in a video message.

“We again call on the entire Muslim world to break their silence and do everything in their power to help liberate East Turkistan and its people from Chinese occupation and oppression,” he added.

Elaborating on oppression by the Chinese government, Hudayar said over 3 million people in East Turkistan are currently being held in concentration camps. Mosques and other religious sites have been destroyed.

“Qurans and other Islamic texts have been burned. Over 500,000 East Turkistan children have been forcibly separated from their families and sent to state-run orphanages to be raised as atheist Chinese citizens,” said Hudayar.

“East Turkistan women are being sterilised, Muslims are being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol. The organs of East Turkistani Muslims are being harvested and sold to Muslims across the world as halal organs,” he added.

The Uyghurs, a Turkic-speaking minority from Central Asia, are a distinct ethnic group from Han Chinese, with Urumqi being closer to Kabul than Beijing.

In 2009, the most infamous riots broke out in the streets of Urumqi, Xinjiang which pitted Uyghur Muslims against Han Chinese.

The CCP government has turned the entire region into a highly controlled, open-air prison after the Urumqi riots in 2009. (ANI)

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