East Turkistan Government In Exile

Restoring Freedom and Independence for East Turkistanis

East Turkistan Stands Firmly with Hong Kong

May 25, 2020

The following statement was made by Prime Minister Salih Hudayar to express East Turkistan’s solidarity with Hong Kong.

We would like to express our solidarity with the brave people of Hong Kong who are protesting against Beijing’s proposal of a so-called national security law.

The people of East Turkistan stand firmly with the people of Hong Kong.  

The CCP is employing the same evil tactics that it used in occupied East Turkistan by labeling Hong Kong’s peaceful protest as “terrorism.”

In the past year, thousands of Hong Kong protesters were arrested, and women were raped by CCP forces.

The same atrocities are happening in occupied East Turkistan on a much larger scale, especially in concentration camps and prisons.

What will be the fate of the people of Hong Kong? Will they be sent to concentration camps, labor camps, and prison to be used as slave labor?

Will they become victims of organ harvesting and lab rats for China’s ethnic specific biological weapons like the people of East Turkistan and Tibet?

We are all caught in the middle of an unrestricted economic, political, and biological war waged by the CCP against all of humanity.

What the CCP is doing in Hong Kong is essentially what Hitler did with Austria in 1938. What the CCP is doing in East Turkistan is what the Nazis did to Jews and others during the Holocaust.

If history has given us a clear indicator to wake up and take action against evil, now is that time!

Today, we celebrated Memorial Day, commemorating the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect and ensure America’s independence and the freedoms of its people.

We call on the world to help the people of East Turkistan, Hong Kong, Tibet and other occupied countries and oppressed peoples suffering under the evil PRC Empire to regain their freedom and independence.

We call on governments across the world to hold the CCP accountable for the calamity that it has inflected upon all of humanity through the coronavirus.

We call upon the governments and people of the World to cooperate with one another and put an end to the evil Fascist CCP.

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