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Epoch Times: Communist Road Kill

The following article was published by Epoch Times, photo credit: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Xi Jinping is carrying out a war on China’s wealthy

From the time that Xi Jinping took office in late 2012, it has been clear that he was a hardcore communist. Sounding like every other communist from Karl Marx on, he predicted “the eventual demise of capitalism and the ultimate victory of socialism” in an early speech.

Xi maintains that he doesn’t object to people getting rich, as long as they use their wealth to serve the Party’s interests. But the reality is that, as with all true believers, the Chinese dictator has been killing off free enterprise in China one billionaire at a time.

In the beginning, he faced quiet opposition from other senior leaders, many of whose families had gotten fabulously wealthy by becoming patrons of wealthy entrepreneurs in return for protecting them from the exactions of other corrupt officials.

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