East Turkistan Government in Exile

Restoring Freedom and Independence to East Turkistan and its People

National Anthem

Memet Ali Tewfiq (1901-1937)

The Independence Anthem of our State, Qurtulush Yolida [On the Path to Salvation], was a poem written by Memet Ali Tewfiq in 1933 and sung by the East Turkistani people as the official Independence Anthem.

On the Path of Salvation

Our blood flowed like water on the path of salvation
For your oh our Homeland, may our lives be a sacrifice.
By giving our blood and lives we finally saved you,
We had the faith in hearts for your salvation.

Oh, our Homeland, we cleansed your face and eyes with blood,
With the rising flame, our name has been cleansed
Our efforts became a friend / lover to you
Broad and Famous with Effort were our Ancestors

Our forefathers’ battles will not be erased from the pages of history
Their offspring are left warriors, we are their descendants.
We gave our lives, spilled our blood and had our revenge from the enemy
Long live, for eternity, may our future shine.

The National Anthem of Our State, Tarixtin Ewwel Biz Iduq, Tarixtin Kiyin Yene Biz [We Existed Before History, and We Will Exist After History], was a poem written by Memet Ali Tewfiq.

We Existed Before History and We Will Exist After History

We existed before history and we will exist after history,In our heart is our conscience, this is our faith.
We are Turks, We are all the bronze bosom of our Motherland
Even if our heads are to be cut off, the Turk braves will not turn back on their path
Even the mountains and stones are our Homeland’s gold,
Each of us are lions, the youth of this Homeland
For our Homeland, the heads of our youth are a sacrifice,
Their faith and warm blood are their comrades.
Our Army and Our Homeland, Famous is our Turk name,
Our religion, our faith, this is our conscience.
Our Homeland is the Homeland of the Turks, we are their sacrifice,
Our Flag is the Blue Flag, in the middle is the Crescent moon and star.