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About the East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile

The East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile (ETPE) was founded in September 2004 in Washington, DC by numerous prominent representatives of the East Turkistani/ Uyghur diaspora across the globe. The ETPE is the unicameral and highest legislative organ of the East Turkistan Government-in-Exile, which was established and based in Washington, DC. The creation of this democratically elected body has been one of the major changes that the East Turkistani diaspora developed to introduce a democratic system of administration for their affairs.

Today, the Parliament consists of 44 members. The East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile is headed by a Chairman of the Parliament and a Deputy Chairman of the Parliament, who are elected by the members amongst themselves. Any East Turkistani who has reached the age of 18, who support Independence for the Homeland, who have participated and been involved in all types of political and patriotic events and activities supportive of our Homeland’s Independence, irrespective of their gender, by being elected through democratic means has the right to contest elections to the Parliament. A maximum of 10 Members of Parliament can be elected per host nation (where East Turkistani diaspora communities reside).

The elections are held every 4 years (in the month of November) and any East Turkistani who has reached the age of 18 is entitled to vote. Elections of Members of Parliament must take place 6 months prior to the General Assembly. Sessions of the Parliament are held twice every year (or more often if needed upon approval of the Chairman), with an interval of six months between the sessions. Members of the Parliament undertake periodic tours to their respective East Turkistani diaspora communities to make an assessment of people’s overall conditions. On their return, they bring to the notice of the administration about all the grievances and matters which need attention. The East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile keeps in touch with people also through their elected Members of Parliaments representing major East Turkistani communities across the world.

Chairman of the East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile

Osmanjan Tursun was born to a Uyghur civil servant family in Aksu, East Turkistan on September 4, 1969. He was elected the Chairman of Parliament on November 11, 2019 at the East Turkistan Government-in-Exile’s 8th General Assembly in Washington, DC.

Nr. Tursun graduated from High School in Aksu and enrolled in the Physics Department at the University of Kashgar and graduated with a Bachelors in 1992. That same year, he was offered a teaching position as a physics teacher at the same middle school he had attended in Aksu. While he was teaching in Aksu, the Chinese government began to switch the education system from Uyghur into Chinese, as result Mr. Tursun protested this and left his teaching job and got involved in running a small business to take a care of his family.

After doing business in the Central Asian countries, Mr. Tursun settled in Germany with his family on November 4, 20001. After learning the language and studying metallurgy, he obtained a job working for BWM in Bavaria. He was involved in political advocacy and with the support of friends and leaders of the Uyghurstan Liberation Organization ( was established in Almaty in 1992) he reorganized the Uyghurstan Liberation Organization in Frankfurt, Germany on May 17, 2005. Since December 2010, he has been serving as the Leader of the Uyghurstan Liberation Organization. In 2012, at the 4th General Assembly of the World Uyghur Congress in Tokyo, he was appointed Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee which he served until the 5th General Assembly. He was appointed as the Inspector General of the East Turkistan/Uyghur Independence Organization which was established in Paris on September 27, 2018.

Mr. Tursun is married and lives with his wife and 4 children in Bavaria, Germany. He speaks Uyghur, Turkish, and German.

You can reach out to him at: Parliament@East-Turkistan.Net

Deputy Chairman of the East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile

Yarmemet Baratjan was born to a Uyghur family in Ghulja, East Turkistan in September 1968. He came to the United States in 2010 and consistently participated in pro-independence and pro-democracy advocacy. He was elected as the Deputy Chairman of Parliament at the East Turkistan Government-in-Exile’s 8th General Assembly on November 11, 2019. He is married and lives with his family in Ohio. He speaks Uyghur, Chinese, and English.