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Restoring Freedom and Independence to East Turkistan and its People


The following statement was made by Prime Minister Salih Hudayar at the Kyiv Conference on the 105th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus on Saturday, May 27, 2023.

Friends, partners, allies, scholars, and representatives of formerly oppressed and occupied nations,

It is my profound honor to join you today to both celebrate and commiserate with you on this bittersweet occasion, the 105th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Mountain Republic of the Northern Caucasus. I wish to thank our hosts and the organizers of this important event.

Our people are very much the same and our causes are very much the same. Both the Caucasus and my Homeland, East Turkistan, have known the horrors of Russian, and in particular, Soviet treachery and oppression. Both the Caucasus People and East Turkistanis have faced systematic genocide, occupation, and ethnic cleansing at the hands of racist, degenerate, criminal forces. And both the Mountain People and the people of East Turkistan will one day once again be free.

Around the world, the forces of darkness and evil are on the march. The Russian Empire that committed genocide against the Twelve Tribes of Circassia in the 1820s to 1870s and which built pogroms for Jews in the 1880s is the same Soviet Russia that built an archipelago of gulags for dissidents and people of faith in the 1920s onwards. And that Soviet Russia is the same Russian Federation which commits war crimes today. A tiger can change its name, but a tiger cannot change its stripes.

We see the headlines every day. In Bucha. In Mauripol. In Bakhmut. Indiscriminate bombings by a terroristic Russian regime which lacks true democratic legitimacy, and which is propped up by oil, gas, and uranium purchases from its masters in Beijing.

My friends, understand this: China’s economy and China’s population are both almost exactly TEN TIMES that of Russia’s. With the snap of his fingers, genocidal despot Xi Jinping could end Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. He has all the coercive power and leverage he needs. But he does not do that, and it is not because President Zelensky hasn’t asked nicely enough.

Understand me clearly when I tell you that your real enemy is China, because beneath the Russian soldier’s glove, you will always find a Chinese hand. Almost every time a degenerate Russian war criminal calls in an airstrike against Ukrainian civilians, he’s using a Chinese BaoFeng radio. Chinese satellites provide Russia with more precise and granular information about the movement of Ukrainian troops than anybody will admit. Russia has even held secret military discussions with the Chinese about using BeiDou satellites as backups in the event that President Biden orders the destruction of Russia’s GLOSNASS satellite system.

When poorly fed, conscripted Russian convicts are wounded, they’re given antibiotics and pain medication, and where are those drugs from? China. Russia’s war on Ukraine is, in so many ways, made in China. It’s no mistake that Russia launched its illegal war of aggression against Ukraine days after the 2022 Beijing Winter Genocide Olympics, just as Russia used the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 for media cover to launch an illegal war of aggression against Georgian territory… the remnants of the strong and proud Mountain Republic. China’s genocidal regime knew that Russia was set to invade both times, and yet they did nothing to stop them. Why?

Because China’s illegitimate Communist regime wants to see Georgians and Ukrainians dead, just like they want to see East Turkistani Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, and Tatar people dead. The Chinese Communist Party wishes for nothing more than the extermination of all those who oppose this unholy Chinese-Russian power bloc, this new Axis of Evil.

They hate us for our freedom. They hate us for our desire to be free. We can think for ourselves, and there’s no greater threat to small men in high places than minds which are both educated and free. Ergo, it would be a fatal mistake for us to narrow our aperture on reality and view this present conflict as one between only Russia and Ukraine. This is a battle between a rising, revanchist Axis of Evil… China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and others – forces of darkness, death, and destruction which have rejected binding international law and which spread lies and disinformation to justify their atrocities — and those who stand on the right side of history, the side of freedom, law, order, decency, democracy, human rights, humanity, faith, truth, life, and light.

I wish it was not this way. I wish that there was more nuance to what’s happening in this world, but this is the reality. We are in a great struggle between Good and Evil, between those who serve Satan and those who serve God, between those who believe in “Human Rights,” and those who believe that “Might Makes Right.” Ukraine is on the frontlines in a war which will define human civilization. There can be no alternative to victory. There can be no compromise with monsters who blow innocent children to pieces. This ends in victory or death.

In my Homeland of East Turkistan, you can see what happens when the forces of darkness gain the upper hand. Communist China’s Red Army overthrew our beloved Second East Turkistan Republic in 1949 after cutting a deal with Stalin. Our entire leadership – including one of my predecessors, President Ehmetjan Qasim – was massacred by the illegitimate Soviet Russian regime in 1949 after they made the mistake of traveling to the Soviet Union in a foolish attempt to seek Soviet support against invading Chinese forces.

To cover up the mass murder of East Turkistani leadership, the Soviets manufactured a lie, saying that our leaders had died in a “plane crash.” To this day, many people still repeat this false Russian disinformation. The truth is that they were executed almost certainly on the direct orders of Josef Stalin himself, at the official request of Mao Zedong, who wished to see the Second East Turkistan Republic dissolved and who sought to have a traitorous quisling installed as a provincial governor.

East Turkistanis will never forgive Russia for this betrayal, nor will we ever forget it, no matter how many times Russia changes its name. Just as we seek to see the Chinese Empire crushed and decolonized into smaller, freer pieces, we will not rest until the Russian empire, too, is decolonized. No longer can the people of East Turkistan tolerate to see our brothers in Circassia, our Turkic Tatar brothers in Occupied Crimea, our Chechen brothers in Occupied Ichkeria, suffer under the Russian yoke. We know their suffering. We feel their pain. We understand the history. We are one in the same.

Today, in Chinese-Occupied East Turkistan, we pay the price for Stalin’s betrayal of our former leaders. Millions upon millions of people have been fed through a system of concentration camps, prisons, and labors camps… and millions who have gone into the facilities have disappeared. Though nobody dares to say it, we believe our people are being systematically exterminated, and in perhaps three, five, or even fifteen years, the regime will lie to the families and tell them that they died peacefully of natural causes while in prison. Gone are the days of Hiter’s smokestacks. We believe that China’s 21st Century Holocaust of Uyghurs is being hidden by means of alkaline hydrolyisis, or liquid cremation. And we’re being sterilized. Birth rates, even using official figures, have plummeted.

Just as Russian orcs have ripped Ukrainian children from the arms of their mothers, just as Russian pigs have raped beautiful Ukrainian sisters, wives, and mothers, Uyghur children are being separated from their families, and Uyghurs wives, daughters, and mothers are being married or re-married off to Han Chinese colonists after their husbands have been sent to the camps and prisons. This Chinese regime has created, in effect, a system of state-sanctioned rape in my Homeland.

My friends, unless I haven’t made myself clear, let me state it once more: we are facing the same enemy. As a parting thought, I want to stress to you the importance of international law and explain to you why every Ukrainian soldier is actually fighting for the freedom and survival of East Turkistan. In the years between Russia’s illegal invasion of Georgian territory in 2008 and its illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory in 2014, China’s regime began to clamp down on the few civil and political rights that East Turkistanis had. Travel began to be more and more restricted. More and more police stations were built. The security apparatus grew. And yet nobody spoke out for us.

Shortly after Russia illegally invaded and occupied Crimea in 2014, China began to build its vast system of concentration camps, prisons and labor camps, starting roughly in the middle of 2016. This was the critical period when America and NATO failed Ukraine, failed East Turkistan, and failed the world.

If Western nations had enforced international law, if NATO had functioned properly and recognized the threat on its Eastern flank, if Allied forces had mustered a military response to liberate Crimea and restore Russia back to a state of compliance with international law, by force, it’s much, much less likely that China would’ve began to commit its own massive violations of international law.

Why? Because violators of international law protect each other. They stick together. If one evildoer, like Putin, breaks international law in a very serious way, it gives a kind of permission to other evildoers, like Xi Jinping, to do likewise. There has to be a “cop on the beat” to enforce international law. In theory, it’s the job of everybody to enforce international law, but when nobody does, this creates a snowball effect of massacres and atrocities. In other words, every violation of international law, especially by permanent members of the UN Security Council, creates a penumbra of impunity that subsequent violators use to justify their own atrocities. We must break that cycle. To bring peace to Ukrainians, we must address the horrors facing East Turkistanis, and vice versa. There is no other way.

Although Ukraine’s martyrs for freedom don’t realize it, every drop of spilled Ukrainian blood is a sacrifice by brave Ukrainian heroes worth its weight in gold in the service of East Turkistan’s liberation, because Ukraine is fighting to uphold the international order and all that is good and right in the world.

Everything that Ukraine is fighting to defend is everything that East Turkistan represents, that Circassia represents, that Ichkeria represents… the right to be free from the tyranny of far-off despots, the right to preserve our own culture, language, faith, and heritage. The God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Ukraine is fighting to defend the very concept of sovereign nation states and borders, and because of that, Ukraine’s defense has ramifications for every nation on Earth.

To all of you, my friends, and especially to our Ukrainian hosts, I wish that I could offer each of you a doppa hat because in my mind, as long as you stand against the forces of evil and darkness, you are honorary Uyghurs.

I impart to you my fondest well wishes, I pledge to you my steadfast solidarity, and I offer my prayers to God that our children may one day know peace, and that Vladmir Putin and his #1 sponsor, Xi Jinping, face justice. All I ask is the same from you.

God Bless!

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