East Turkistan Government In Exile

Restoring Freedom and Independence for East Turkistanis

Struggle for the Motherland – 1947

This pamphlet was distributed by the East Turkistan Republic and appears here as the original translation made for the U.S. Consulate in Urumchi.

Originally East Turkistan, our Motherland, was the real territory of the Turkish race. We consist of seven million people. This land is our birthright left by our brave ancestors and it is our duty and responsibility to guard their heritage. The Chinese oppressor and usurpers came to this land two hundred years ago, like savage and bandits, seizing our territory, enslaving us, making our land a colony and dishonoring our holly religion. In brief, we became like men who have eyes but are blind, ears but are deaf, tongues but are dumb, and legs but are lame. Such treachery and barbarous treatment. How can they be endured? ponder over these things. Which of them can be gain said? If you are not a spy or a quisling; if you are born of your mother; if the blood from your umbilical cord wet this soil; if your father owns you as his legitimate son then you cannot deny the truth of what has just been said!

You must not forget how our country flourished of old under the leadership of such heroes of our race as Sultan Sokushbora Khan, Harun Khan, Abdul Raschid Khan, Mohamet Khan, Sudduk [Sutuq] Khan, and Osman Khan. During the times of these great men we were master of our territory and maintained the luster of our culture equal to any others. Within the last two hundred years we have lost our bright-right and live like animals under the cruel sway of the Chinese who are filthy and barbarous.

Why did the Ili uprising occur? It was because we have the right to rise up against oppression for the sake of our liberty, the happiness and prosperity of our sons, and the renaissance of our religion. We also believe that the Allah has said to us, “I shall punish all oppressors.” We also are fully convinced that the power of the masses is the power of Allah. In this faith we fought and over-throwing the treacherous Chinese sovereignty in the thee districts established a free Muslim East Turkistan State. At the same time we raised the flag that was handed down from our forefathers.

Ho, fellow countrymen, Men of the faith and members of the same blood. Fear not. Strengthen your hearts and courage and consciences.

After an abundance of bloodshed we won a compromise peace which consisted of eleven articles of agreement. In order to preserve this agreement in full, the people must be willing to sacrifice everything.

The crafty foxes, with their swinish snouts, seeking to obtain what is not theirs, the shameless and oppressive Chinese, using these eleven article as a blind, are seeking again to trap us in their net. The cunning Chinese serve us with a wooden plate (which can be used once only and then must be thrown away). “May Allah protect us from falling once more into the Chinese hands.” If we do so again the people know how they will be treated. People, you must remember the past. The land is ours and invaders have no claim to it.

Now, the military heads of these oppressors at Urumchi are trying to prolong their already exhausted life. Their aim to reestablish their old barbarous methods. Together with them are a few running dogs, conscienceless fools and sycophants, playing a quisling role with the Chinese. The eleven articles of the agreement will not allow the oppressors any road to regain their former suzerainty if its terms are fulfilled.

Ho, shameless beasts and devils. You must know that you are already caught in Hell. We, people of the same blood, must not let you quislings dance to the Chinese music.

The present is an era of democracy, justice, and liberty–no longer of absolute dictatorship. This is no more a time for slumber but a brightening period of the Twentieth Century. We must struggle unceasingly with our belts still tightened.

Let these oppressors depart quickly from our East Turkistan.
Let these spies, traitors and puppets also leave at once.
Let these running dogs of the Chinese and their coterie get out also.
Long live free East Turkistan.
Long live our Muslim Republican Government.
Long live the great, the heroic warriors.

Long live the crescent calling for our thirty days of holy fast.
Long live the star calling for our five daily prayers.
Away with, away with, away with these oppressors, these spies, these pro-Chinese.

If you do not depart there is no room for you above the ground.

Source: U.S. Department of State, Division of Chinese Affairs, “Signs of Unrest in Tihwa,” American Consul J. Hall Paxton to the Secretary of State, Urumchi, January 13, 1947, enclosure no. 2

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