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The current Cabinet was created on November 12, 2019 following the election of new administration by the East Turkistan Parliament-in-Exile at the 8th General Assembly in Washington, DC from November 10, 2019 – November 12, 2019. 



The Prime Minister
Salih Hudayar
Deputy Prime Ministers
Adil Abbas
Acting Foreign Minister
Mirqedir Mirzat
Cabinet Secretary
Government Spokesperson(s)
Alimjan Memet
Uyghur Spokesperson
Position Vacant
English Spokesperson
Nurehmet Kurban
Minister of Internal Affairs
Professor Memet Litip
Minister of Education & Culture
Hashimjan Turak
Minister of Communication
Dr. Anwar Yasin
Minister of Finance & Economy
Adil Abbas
Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs
Abdullah Khodja
Minister of Religious Affairs & Inter-faith Harmony
Position Vacant
Minister of Health & Social Services
Position Vacant
Minister of  Justice
Position Vacant
Minister of Youth & Sports