East Turkistan Government In Exile

Restoring Freedom and Independence for East Turkistanis

The ETR’s 9-point Declaration-1945

On January 5, 1945 the Government of the second East Turkistan Republic, which was established on November 12, 1944, announced a 9-point Declaration reaffirming East Turkistan’s Independence.

The 1945 9-point Declaration read:

  1. The Han [Chinese] murderers in the national territories of the East Turkistan Republic shall be thoroughly eliminated;
  2. A truly free and independent republic shall flourish on the foundation of equality for all people within the borders of East Turkistan;
  3. The economy of East Turkistan, including industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, private commerce, transportation, and other sectors shall be comprehensively developed, to improve the people’s standard of living;
  4. As the vast majority of the peoples living in East Turkistan are of Muslim faith, this religion shall be given special support. Freedom to follow other religions shall also be guaranteed;
  5. The sectors of cultural education, sanitation and health care shall be developed;
  6. Political and economic ties shall be established with all the world’s democratic nations, particularly the states neighboring East Turkistan;
  7. In order to defend East Turkistan and defend peace, people from all ethnic groups must be recruited to establish a mighty army;
  8. Banks, the postal service, forests, and all underground deposits shall revert to state ownership;
  9. The pursuit of private interests, bureaucratism, narrow nationalism, bribe-taking and other bad practices shall be banned from state affairs.

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