Restoring Freedom and Independence to East Turkistan and its People

Uyghurs Are Languishing, Starving Under China’s Coronavirus Quarantines

Op-Ed written by Prime Minister Salih Hudayar published on the War Room

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken away global attention from the humanitarian crisis in East Turkistan and has given China’s government the perfect cover to continue its brutal campaign of genocide. Unverified reports indicate that China is quarantining suspected coronavirus cases near concentration camps. If this is accurate, then the result could be disastrous and the millions of innocent people incarcerated in those camps are facing grave and immediate risk. Even if Uyghurs and other Turkic people are not dying from torture and diseases in the camps and prisons, there is a huge risk that they will die from starvation both inside and outside the camps.

Thus, it is past time for the World Health Organization (WHO) to immediately send in monitors and health professionals to help the Uyghurs. International humanitarian organizations like the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent should send in humanitarian aid. The US government and other governments of the Free World must raise this issue at the UN Security Council and call on China to immediately shut down all the concentration camps, prisons, and labor camps which are extrajudicially holding millions of innocent Uyghurs. The United States should ban Chinese researchers and students from visiting the US until reciprocal access is granted to this region for international human rights observers and public health experts. Most importantly, the Free World must adhere to promises of “NEVER AGAIN” and take all necessary measures to bring an end to China’s 21st century genocide in occupied East Turkistan, before this becomes a tragedy of historic proportions.

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